Anthony’s Blog          June 7, 2019

This week in our Monday morning gathering, Gundula read the ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse and then everybody shared their weekends. Then Gundula and Jeff looked back at last week’s weather and John spoke about the stars. After that we were introduced to our new coworker Sophia.

We have taken on to have conversations about the lines in a verse we say every week, that starts: ‘To wonder at beauty’. Tuesday morning we gathered into our conversation groups to speak about the meaning of the second line: ‘Stand guard over truth’. During our lunch break Abegael brought us strawberries in celebration of Aiden’s birthday. In the afternoon we practiced  the fairy tale ‘The Donkey.’

On Wednesday morning we gathered into our conversation groups again to speak about the line ‘look up to the noble’.

In our Thursday morning College Simran and Jana spoke to us about imagination in stories. Jana told us that children love to dress up and make up their own stories.  After that we gathered into our groups and wrote our very own stories.. Then we gathered into Circle Hall to share our stories.  In the afternoon Marcelle showed us a slide show of her work at ‘Friends of Camphill India’. Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Wes.

On Friday we continued our Whitsun talks. This time we spoke about ‘Resolve on the good’. In the afternoon we did singing with Ashling.


Picture from Marcelle’s presentation about Friends of Camphill India