This week in our Monday morning gathering John read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. Then he lit the first Advent candle and we sang ‘People Look East.’ After that everybody shared their weekends and then we spoke about the weather and the stars.
In our Thursday morning College Joseph spoke about ‘wonder’ which is a feeling of surprise and beauty. Then Joseph showed us a picture of his young child in the form of wonder. We noticed that his eyes and his mouth were wide open and he was looking at nature outside the window. Then Gundula spoke to us about the word equanimity, which means keeping one’s composure even in a difficult situation. Gundula showed us a demonstration of four different feelings such as anger, happiness, sadness and fear. In this demonstration, a companion stood in a circle and showed anger and another companion showed happiness. After that Wendy and Jeff spoke to us about hope which means a belief, desire, ambition and confidence. Benoit read to us a saying which gives us security that everything will be okay. After a short break, we practiced Christmas songs on our bells.
On Tuesday afternoon, we gathered into Circle Hall and had a review about the fairy tale with the Grade 9’s. On Wednesday afternoon we had a goodbye party for our coworker Anna. Thursday afternoon we practiced for our Christmas Pageant and on Friday we practiced for our Paradise play.

Here is a picture of Joseph and Ines with baby Louis-Pio, our new family at Cascadia!