In our Tuesday morning gathering, Nicolas read to us this week’s “Calendar of the Soul” verse and then everybody shared their weekends. After that we sang Happy Birthday to William and then we spoke about the weather and the stars.
In our Thursday morning College, Ruth and Patricia gave us a slide show of their trip to Israel. Patricia showed us photos of the places and the people such as churches, mosques, temples, the city of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the Jordan River. We also saw photos where the Last Supper took place. After that we saw a couple of pictures of the Sekem community in Egypt, a biodynamic farm, and a pyramid. After that Mary told us the story of Joseph in Egypt. After a short break, we practiced our bell playing. In the afternoon, we got into our eurythmy, walking, youth group and carnival preparation groups.

Savoring the calendulas grown by a biodynamic farmer in Fayoum, Egypt