This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our March songs and then Ruth T. read to us this week’s “Calendar of the Soul” verse. After that everybody shared their weekends and then we spoke about the weather and the stars.
In our Thursday morning College, John spoke to us about the craft of clay. He told us that clay is a mineral that comes from the earth. He also told us that there are two types of clay, brown clay which is night time and white clay which is day time clay. After that, he told us that when we start working with clay you need to form it into a spire or a ball. Then he gave us a demonstration on how to make a clay bowl.
1. Centre the clay on to the wheel.
2. Push it down with your hands around the edges and thumbs on top and try to smooth out the clay.
3. Apply pressure to make it wider and apply pressure to form the sides with your hands until it rises up to the top.
4. After that push your thumbs down to the middle to open the top. Then we let the clay rest.

After a short break, we practiced our bell playing and the music for our fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”. In the afternoon, we got into our clay, reading, writing, eurythmy, swimming, novel, games, youth group and fairy tale practice group.

John and Marijke working on the wheel