Craft and Cuisine

I see this event as a community call that is intended to celebrate the work of companions in the Craft workshops as well as our family ties. The meal celebrates the Michaelic memory of our human connections. Like a weaving of threads or an opening of clay to form a centered and woven art piece, it is a crafting of life’s interactions and an opportunity to experience a moment of harmony in being able to sit together, share food, and converse with friends.

Realizing this event has taken a few years; time was needed to make and bring together all of the plates and cups. The menu and meal have been organized and prepared by many people together with Chef Nicolai Winkler who brings his culinary magic.
This working together to honour the various crafts and crafters at Cascadia—together with the art of cuisine—is something that I hope can evolve into an annual event.
—John Winkler