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Social Renewal

Cascadia is a life-sharing community. Its home is the urban setting of Vancouver’s North Shore, with several residences and a day centre.  Cascadia  is more than just a job or a safe place to spend a few hours each day. It is a way of life where each participant can make a meaningful contribution to the community, and where challenges are provided for everyone to grow in dignity and freedom to the fullest potential. Cultural, artistic and therapeutic experiences are provided through residential home care and day activities within the urban setting of Vancouver’s North Shore. By emphasizing the practical elements of life, skills are developed and matured. Beauty and order help to create a healthy soul atmosphere.

The coworkers responsible to the Cascadia Society have a background, ongoing education, or experience in curative education, youth guidance, or social therapy. They follow the principles of Anthroposophy developed by Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D., and the principles of the Camphill Movement, founded by Karl König, M.D. Their work is carried out as a freely given effort to care for the well-being of that inviolable human spirit within all of us, regardless of ability level.

Through meaningful activities, a healing environment, and truly human companionship, the Cascadia Society encourages each person to master their own life. This mastery occurs in the context of family, community and society. By emphasizing both independence and interdependence, Cascadia promotes individuals to become dignified and effective citizens in the community.

The Cascadia Society is a Camphill community and a member of the Camphill Association of North America.

It is also accredited by CARF for the following programs: Community housing, Community Integration, and Host Family Services.

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Most of our charitable gifts come from or through individuals. The Cascadia Society is a registered BC Non-Profit Society, Charitable registration No. 87241 3729 RR0001. All donors will receive a tax receipt and our newsletter.