Cultural Life

Cascadia is about soul care; care of the human soul, care of the soul of the earth. At the Cascadia Society we are dedicated to bringing healing to human beings and to the earth.

Our primary task is to allow the potential in each person to unfold and to be in harmonious relationship with the environment. We live and work with people with special soul needs, especially those with developmental disabilities.

In North Vancouver we wish to develop within the larger community while building a strong, resilient intentional community that can accommodate different living circumstances.

To fulfill our commitment to the earth we cooperate with local neighbours and the larger organizations such as the City of North Vancouver.

We endeavor to create organic gardens and spaces that bring some measure of balance to the landscape. We endeavor to maintain and enhance streams and stream life. Where possible we bring our ideas and strengths to the service of the wider community.

One of our strengths is in the experience, training, and commitment of our coworkers. This makes it possible for us to provide quality programming in the Cascadia Centre and in our homes. We also reach out to the community on a regular basis, with our cultural offerings such as concerts and plays. Cascadia therapists also provide therapeutic care to Cascadia companions and members of the wider community.

Community building also means a strong and living connection with our circle of parents and caregivers.

Although companions live in a variety of settings, such as Cascadia residences, group homes, or with their families, all of the families live close by, and many interact with the Centre on a daily basis. This builds up a strong social network, and allows for the development of mutual trust and a willingness to lend a hand where help is needed.