This week in our Monday morning circle, Ruth T. introduced us to Doug, who will be helping out as a guest coworker for two weeks. Then she told us about Alistair, who will stay in Cascadia Centre for the next 3 months. After that everybody told us about his or her activities over the weekend.

We worked in our workshops after break. In the afternoon, we all gathered into Circle Hall and Julia led us in folk dancing.

On Tuesday and Friday mornings everybody worked in the workshops.

Wednesday morning, the cooking group baked ginger and chocolate muffins and everybody had one or two for dessert at lunchtime.

This week in our Thursday morning College we welcomed Alistair. After that Ruth O. talked to us about street safety. We learned about the different colours and street signings. For example red means stop, yellow means slow down, and green means go. We also learned about the different letters and symbols. For example the letter ‘H’ means hospital, picture with a person on it means washroom and a picture with a red circle and a white bar means don’t enter.

After a short break we practiced our bell playing.

In the afternoons, we broke into our eurythmy, clay, painting, art studio, reading, writing, singing and swimming groups.