This week in our Monday morning gathering, we removed the winter songs from our song books and replaced them with our spring songs. We talked about where we are going for Ascension. Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Michael and talked about the weather, stars, sports and our weekends.
In the afternoon, we practiced our Maypole dance on the mosaic.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon, we broke in to our eurythmy, painting, reading, writing, clay and art studio, group singing and dancing groups.
In our Thursday morning College, we sang our Ascension and spring songs. After that Laura, Daniel, Helena, and Megan told us briefly about the four epochs, and the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.
After a short break, Lorna’s bell choir practiced for the May 8th concert. In our Friday morning circle, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Marijke and Megan. Then we gathered into Circle Hall to meet a special visitor, Matthew Dexter, who is an English actor. He performed and told us the story of ‘The Little Prince.’ In the play, the young prince traveled from his own star to the planet earth. During his travels, he meets a lot of people from each of the planets and then when he reaches planet earth, he is disappointed because all he sees is desert. He finds himself in Africa where he only meets two animals. He makes two friends with a yellow boa constrictor and a fox. The Little Prince decides to tame the fox so that the hunters won’t shoot him. After he visits earth, he then goes back to his home.

Matthew Dexter gave us a beautiful Performance of "The Little Prince".

Matthew Dexter gave us a beautiful performance of “The Little Prince”.