This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang ‘Jubilate Earth’ and the days of Holy Week. After that Liisi read to us the ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse and then everybody shared their weekends. Gundula and Jeff spoke about last week’s weather and then John told us about the stars. Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lynn.

Wednesday afternoon, we gathered into Circle Hall to listen to Johanna and Jana’s reading to us a story from Ireland. Some of the companions acted it out. After that we played a game with rhythms.

In our Thursday morning College, Patricia announced that our former volunteer Anselm made it in the German newspaper called Die Zeit because he made a movie about his bike trip through Africa, Egypt and back home again to Germany. Anselm’s movie is shown in German theatres.  After that we got into groups of four to observe plants. Each group observed the plant’s color, feel, and smell. Then we drew a picture of the plant. After completing our observations each group shared their information. In the afternoon, we broke into our fairy tale, reading writing and swimming groups.  On Friday afternoon we did singing with Ashling.


Drawing the plants we observed