This week in our Tuesday morning gathering, we sang our Spring songs and then Gundula read two ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verses. After that everybody shared what they did on their long Easter weekend. Then everybody sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Anthony. In Deepak’s ‘Today in History’, he told us that in 1968 Martin Luther King delivered his ‘I’ve been to the Mountain Speech.’ In 1973, the very first cell phone call was made in New York city. In 1981 the very first lap top computer was revealed in San Francisco. Ruth talked about the stars and then Gundula and Raymond talked about last week’s weather. Then Natalie shared with us this week’s Newsletter.
In our Thursday morning College, we had an introduction to the next theme ‘rhythms’ that we will be looking at for the next four colleges. We will be studying this theme in different forms such as architecture, art, oceans and music. After that Daniel taught us the Golden rule in rhythm. He showed us this rule by drawing his own hand on the black board and pointing out the spatial arrangement of the hand and the arm. This rule is also shown in many other parts of the body. After a short break, the College group continued with the study of the Golden Rule. Felix drew silhouettes, also many of the companions traced their hands on a piece of paper and one even did a full body drawing. Then everybody got into a circle and presented an exercise by using rhythms of their own.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we divided into our ordinary group activities.

Daniel introduces Rhythms block by teaching us about the "golden rule" (also known as the "golden mean".

Daniel introduces Rhythms block by teaching us about the “golden rule” (also known as the “golden mean”.