This week from Monday to Friday we had our summer sports program.

Every morning, we went for a walk around the track and then we exercised with Sean.

After a short break, we all went back to the park. We broke into different groups. One group did a walking challenge where they first had to walk around cones and then walk on a balance beam. Another group did ball throwing where they had to try to get the ball into a basket from where they are standing. The last group did wrestling. In this sport, a companion and a co-worker had to try to push each other out of the ring by using only their hands.

Laura shoots a basket


Daniel and Aiden are a good match

In the afternoons, we all went to the park and played California kick ball which is like a softball game except that instead of using a bat and baseball, we use a soccer ball. In this sport there are two teams. One team is in the outfield and the other team is bat. During the game, each team tries to score points by kicking the pitched soccer ball and running around the three bases to home in order to score.

This week we did not just play sports. One morning, because of the rain we drew and coloured pictures. One afternoon, we had a good bye party for Sebastian. We sang songs like: ‘You are My Sunshine’ , ‘Allouette’, ‘Octopus’s Garden’, and ‘Amazing Grace’. After that we had speeches and then we sang our good bye song ‘When the Sun Sets’.

Friday afternoon, Verena and Ronja, former coworkers, came to visit.