This week in our Monday morning circle Ruth T. played a couple of Advent songs on her lyre while some of the companions went around the spiral wreath and put down apples with a candle in it. After that Ruth T told us that this is how Camphill was started. Then Ruth T thanked everybody for their hard work on Friday during the fairy tale performance.

On Tuesday morning we all gathered in to Circle Hall and said goodbye to our long time coworker Ida. The coworkers played ‘Over stars is Mary wandering’ as she entered in to the hall and then some of the companions and coworkers gave thank you speeches to her and then we all sang ‘Joy to the World’.

In the evening everybody came to our Just Singing Around Christmas at the Vancouver Rowing Club. Our coworkers and some of our companions played three Christmas songs on the bells – ‘Here Comes a Galley Laden, ‘Wake, O Wake’ and ‘Over stars is Mary wandering’.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Ruth T showed us the Madonna series. During the series Ruth played some quiet music on her lyre while we sat in silence and looked at pictures of the mother Mary and her child Jesus from the time that he was a small baby until he was taken up into heaven.

After a short break Lorna’s bell choir practiced their Christmas songs for our Christmas play.

On Friday morning we all gathered in to Circle Hall and sang Advent songs. Then Saint Nicholas and his friend Rupert appeared and visited us.
Saint Nicholas told us that he and his friend Rupert traveled many miles over land and sea because he found out that Cascadia is a wonderful place to see and everybody is so kind to one another. He told us that his friend Rupert is learning to be kind and gentle and not to tease. After that Saint Nicholas read out everybody’s name and said something good about the companion while Rupert gave a small gift to everyone.

St. Nicholas web
                                                             John and Anthony enjoy a visit with St. Nicholas

After that we sang ‘Masters in this Hall’.
On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we practiced for our Paradise play and The Shepherd’s play.