This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our January song, January round and Candlemass song. Then we sang Happy Birthday to Gundula. After that John read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse and then everybody shared their weekends. Gundula and Raymond talked about last week’s weather and then John told us about the stars.
In our Thursday morning College we had a lesson about sympathy and antipathy in Geography. Johanna talked to us about the earth’s gravity. We learned that gravity enables us to stand on the earth. Stephen demonstrated to us how gravity works by throwing a ball into the air and seeing it come down. After that Johanna spoke about how magnets have a positive and negative attraction to one another. Fanny told us about the uses of water. Water is very important for us because it gives us life, it takes away sickness like head aches. We also learned that we should drink eight glasses a day just to stay hydrated. Fanny also told us that when the moon revolves around the earth it causes tides in the oceans. After that Anna spoke to us about air and fire. She told us that we can’t see the wind, but we can feel it on our backs. Sometimes the wind is very aggressive causing tornadoes, hurricanes and storms. After that some of the companions acted out a story about the wind and the sun. In this story a man was walking down the street on a beautiful day. The wind and the sun had an idea of having a competition of who can take off the man’s hat and jacket. The wind tried first but wasn’t successful and then the sun tried next. The man took off his jacket and hat and sat in the shade. So the sun won the competition. We watched another skit. This one was about Prometheus and fire. In this story Prometheus wanted to give fire to the people because they wanted to be independent. So Prometheus took a fire bolt from Zeus and made fire. When he did this Zeus was not pleased and so as punishment Zeus turned Prometheus into a rock.
In the afternoon, we put on our costumes and walked through the spiral, practicing for our Candlemas celebration. On Friday, we celebrated Candlemas, the end of our Christmas season, but we had to be inside because of heavy rain.
To start off our hall was in the form of a mosaic with different colored ice candles on plates. We also sang our Candlemas songs. After that Michael R. told us that plants grow in spring and summer time and die in the winter, and that at Candlemas time the growth forces start to increase. After that Jason told us that bees have to travel to get honey. He said it takes 400,000 miles of bee travel to get a gallon of honey for the hive. After that we heard the story of Saint Bride.

Zeus (Stephen) is not impressed with the idea of Prometheus (Raymond) to bring fire from his thunderbolt to the people. The people (represented by Susan) are really cold and are hoping for a solution to their problem.