This week in our Tuesday morning circle, we thought about what we are going to do for our Russian carnival. Ruth suggested that every workshop should present a fun skit for the opening ceremonies at the Sochi 2014 winter games.

After that Fred announced that he placed fourth and first in skiing in Kelowna. Then we sang ‘ O Canada’ in honour of his win.
After that we talked about our long weekends.

In our Thursday morning college, Laurel and Rosalie shared their information about glass. Laurel showed us pictures from her trip to Barcelona, Spain. She saw an unfinished church called ‘La Sagrada Familia’ which was started in1882 and won’t be completed until 2041.
She showed us photographs of the church’s stained glass windows. After that Laurel and Rosalie showed two videos about glass. The first video showed people making a wave out of glass and in the second video it showed a man playing the song ‘Swan Lake’on glasses that was filled with water. Then we finished our butterfly stained glass temple with coloured tissue paper.

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain


After a short break, Lorna’s Bell choir practiced for the spring concert.

This week in our Friday morning circle, we celebrated Valentine’s Day.
During our celebration Cupid came and gave out Valentine’s cards to everybody. Ruth T. introduced us to her friend Yasuko from Tokyo.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon we broke into our eurythmy, painting, reading, writing and novel group.
On Friday afternoon, one group went swimming and another group did dancing and singing with Ilay and Jane.