This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our February songs and then Nicolas read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. After that everybody shared their weekends and then we spoke about the weather and the stars. On Tuesday morning the students from Saint Edmunds came to Cascadia to take part in our workshops.
In our Thursday morning College, we learned about Spain and Algeria. Wendy, Nicolas and Megan taught us about Spain. We learned that Spain has a population of forty six million people. Also it is the largest country after France. We also spoke about the town of Gibraltar which is attached to Spain and located near the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea. After that we heard about the bull fighting in Andalusia. This is where the running of the bulls takes place. We also learned about the city of Barcelona and its architecture. Then we learned how to count in Spanish. After hearing about Spain, Benoit came up to the front and told us about the country of Algeria. He told us that Algeria is opposite to the Mediterranean countries. Algeria is the largest country in Africa. Benoit also showed us a slide show of pictures from Algeria such as the ocean, mountains, deserts, architecture, markets and foods. After a short break we continued with College. We set up two tables, one had fiber on it and the other had spices on it.
We went to the first fiber table and felt the fiber. Then we went to the spice table and took a sniff of each spice. We had to guess what that spice was. After that we practiced our bell playing. On Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we got into our clay, reading, writing, eurythmy swimming, novel, games and carnival preparation and youth group.

We’ve been working hard on a map of all the countries we’ve been studying on the way to our carnival next week: “Mediterranean Odyssey”!