This week in our Monday morning circle, Monique told us that she went to the Pacific Coast Camphill retreat. The retreat was at Glenora Farm near Duncan, and people attended from Cascadia, Glenora, and 2 places in California: Camphill California and the Sophia Project. In this retreat,the people had conversations based on certain words. The words that they worked with were: Trust, Forgiveness, Acceptance and Redemption.

Then, Ruth T. introduced us to Jasmine, a student from the Waldorf School who worked with us for the week, as part of her work experience.

In the afternoon we all gathered in Circle Hall to start our Ballroom dance program for this year.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings everybody worked in his or her workshops.

In our Thursday morning college, Ruth O. held a forum meeting.
We decided that in February and March we would be learning about
different artists like Rudolf Steiner, Chopin, Joseph Beuys and Emily Carr.
Ruth O. told us that we will be having a Grand Opening for Circle Hall on Palm Sunday, March 24th. During our celebration, the bell choir will be performing. Also Holy Week will be from the 25th to the 28th of March.
After our Easter Holiday, we will be learning about ‘Health and Safety.’ In May we will be having our I.S.P’s and also we will be landscaping.
We will start our summer program after our June 30th ‘Saint John’s play’.

After a short break, Lorna’s bell players started practicing for the next fairy tale called ‘The Seven Ravens.’

In the afternoon we broke into our eurythmy, clay, painting, reading, writing, novel study, singing and swimming groups.