his week in our Monday morning gathering Simran read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’. After that everybody shared their weekends. In the feature of ‘Today in History’ Deepak told us that in 1831 the very first coal locomotive train made its first run to Pennsylvania. In 1884, 60 tornadoes landed in southern U.S.A. in the span of two hours. Also in 1878 Thomas Edison patented the Gramophone. Last but not least, in 1985 the very first artificial heart implant was performed in Louisville, Kentucky. Then John and William told us about the stars and Daniel talked to us about last week’s weather. After that we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to William. Then we were introduced to Leah and Victoria who came from the Waldorf school to visit us for their practicums.
In our Thursday morning College, we learned about the Beech and Ash trees. Monique and Paul told us about the Beech tree and its relationship to the planet of Saturn. Paul explained how the roots grow, how the tree uses its roots to suck out the water from the ground and how the canopy of the Beech trees casts a dense shade. The ground is carpeted thickly with leaf litter.PG Feb 22 web MK Feb 22 Web
Megan told us about the Ash tree. She told us that the Ash tree is connected to the sun and also to the day of Sunday. In the winter the branches are bare and during the spring and summer the leaves turn green. The Ash tree has many medicinal uses. Also many people plant an Ash tree after a baby is born. Unfortunately many Ash trees are dying because they are attacked by a bug from Asia. After hearing about both trees, we watched a skit called “The Tree of Life’ and then we drew pictures of the Beech and Ash trees.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we gathered into our eurythmy, painting, clay, art studio, reading, writing, swimming, youth guidance group and singing group.