This week in our Monday morning circle, we practised our Candlemas songs. Then Gundula drew a picture of the groundhog seeing his shadow which means we will have winter for six more weeks. After that, we talked about the weather, stars, sports and our weekends.

In the afternoon, we gathered in to Circle Hall where Monique gave us an introduction about Candlemas. She told us that Candlemas is known by different names although it is best known as Ground hog day.
After that Gundula told us how the light from Christmas is different from the light in the winter. Then we went outside and lit the candles in all four directions and we sang Nobis Pacem which means peace.
After that we did the dance of life by jumping and going around the Spiral which is on our mosaic in our backyard.

Candlemas Celebration on the Mosaic

Candlemas Celebration on the Mosaic

In our Thursday morning college, John showed us a glass cutter which is used to cut out shapes. After that he talked to us about the different shapes that stained glass windows have. He said that some windows are triangular with three sides and some are pentagons having five sides to it. He also said that you can have different designs for your window and he showed us a butterfly as an example.
After that Lynn came up and showed us the stained glass window that she had made back at home in Scotland. Her stained glass window was diamond shaped with a picture of a single flower.

After our lesson, we sang Happy Birthday to Steven C. and then
Lorna’s bell choir practiced for the spring concert.
Also Monique introduced us to some of Jun’s friends from Korea.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon we broke into our eurythmy, reading, writing, novel, art studio, and walking groups.
On Friday afternoon, one group went swimming and another group did singing at Circle Hall with Ilay.