This week in our Monday morning gathering Liisi taught us Estonian words such as ‘jene hommikust’ which means good morning, ‘aitah’ means thank you and ‘palun’ means please or you’re welcome. We also learned how to count- 1 – iks, 2-kaks 3-kolm 4-neli 5- vils. After that Fanny read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse and then everybody shared their weekends. Gundula and Raymond talked about last week’s weather and then Ruth T. spoke about the stars. In the afternoon everybody gathered into Circle Hall and did eurythmy with Esther.

On Wednesday morning we gathered into Circle Hall with Liisi to practice our Estonian words and numbers. Then Liisi taught us an Estonian game and a dance called ‘Keys Aiaas?’ Which means ‘who is the bee in the garden’. In the afternoon, John A. read to us the story of ‘Pinocchio’ and some of the companions acted out the story.

In our Thursday morning College, Daniel and I taught everybody about sympathy and antipathy in the visual arts. I gave everybody the definition of convex and concave. Convex is curving outward like the outside of a ball. Concave is rounded like the inside of a bowl. After that we looked at two pictures. One was of a baby and we discovered that the baby’s face shape is convex. When we looked at a picture of an older person we discovered that her face shape was concave. After that Daniel put objects under a blanket and had a couple of companions try to guess whether the object was convex or concave. Then Daniel taped a blue piece of paper with a red piece of paper on top of the blue piece of paper and then he taped a white piece of paper on top of a black piece of paper. When we looked at the wall next to the paper the colours were reversed. In the afternoon we did carnival preparation.

Daniel and Anthony show us examples of items and pictures that are concave and convex.