On Monday morning, Jeff, William and Fred took down the Christmas tree decorations. We sang ‘We Three Kings’ while we carried the tree outside. Then Ruth T. wrote on the wall the three king’s initials, C for Casper, B for Balthazar and M. for Melchior. After that, Ruth T. and Jeff went to Waldorf school to help the students with their Three King’s play.

In the afternoon, some of our friends came to Circle Hall to watch us perform the ‘Three King’s’ play.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning we returned to our normal workshops.

This week in our first Thursday morning college for 2013, Takashi told us about the three major religions in Japan. They are Shintoism, Buddhism and Christianity. Takashi told us today about the first two.
Shinto is their oldest religion. The Japanese believe in many gods that are found in nature. They worship at shrines. Shintoism is used in everyday life.

The second religion that we learned about is called Buddhism. Buddhism came to Japan from India and China. Buddhists believe that by leading a simple life they will gain peace and happiness.

After our lesson about religion, we decided that our theme for Carnival this year would be Japan. Then Patricia announced that our coworker, Sean will not be working with us any more. We wish him all the best in his new job.

After a short break we practiced our bells with Lorna and for the first time ever, Wes joined in.

In the afternoons we broke into our eurythmy, reading, writing, painting, clay, novel and singing groups.