This week in our Tuesday morning gathering, we sang our three King songs and then Ruth read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. Then everybody shared their weekends and we also talked about the stars. After a short break everybody helped to make a map of the Mediterranean countries.
In our Thursday morning College, Busra and Jeff taught us about the country of Turkey. Busra showed us a map of Europe and told us that Turkey is in the eastern part of Europe and also in the western part of Asia, separated only by a thin strip of water. She also showed us pictures of Turkey and told us that there is a population of 81 million people living in there. Busra taught us how to count to ten and also to say Hello which is’ Salam’ and ‘nasilsin’ which means ‘how are you?’ After that we learned a Turkish song called ‘Mini Mini Birkus Donmstu’. After a short break we practiced our bell playing. In the afternoon Busra taught us the Turkish alphabet and dance. On Friday afternoon, we did music with Alison.

This map shows how Turkey is part of Europe and but a much larger part is in Asia. Busra showed how traveling to Asia from Europe by boat is a 15-minute journey, like taking the Seabus from North Vancouver to Vancouver.