This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our January songs. Marie-Reine read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ and then everybody shared their weekends. After that Deepak told us that today is Martin Luther King Day and then everybody talked about the weather and stars. On Tuesday afternoon, the basket work shop sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Simran.

In our Thursday morning College we studied the field of Astronomy. Ruth T. talked to us about the four seasons and where the sun is located in the sky. During the summer, the sun is at its highest point. During the winter, the sun is at its lowest point. She told us that during the spring and fall the sun is at its middle point. After that John talked to us about the movement of the earth, sun and moon. Then we divided ourselves at four different tables to create our own version of zodiac signs out of stars and straws. After a short break we broke into four different groups. One group went for a walk, another group played games in the basket workshop, another group exercised and the last group continued with College by making a book of Astronomy.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon, we got into our eurythmy, painting, clay, cooking, swimming, reading, writing and singing groups.

Evan and David find the stars

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