This week in our Monday morning circle Patricia gave us a speech lesson using the letter L. She also said that on Tuesday we are going to have visitors from Windsor Secondary School come to see what Cascadia is like.

After that we talked about the weather, stars, sports and the weekend.

In the after noon a small group went swimming and another group practiced Russian singing and dancing with Jane in Circle Hall.

On Tuesday morning Patricia gave a tour of our Cascadia facilities to the Windsor Secondary school visitors. She showed them all of the workshops in Cascadia Center and Sophia House. She also showed them the gardens at Sophia and Kaspar House and the mosaic in the back yard at Cascadia.

This week in our Thursday morning college John and William talked about how glass was made. John told us that glass was originally made in old Egypt in the year 800 AD. The very first products that were made were cups and glasses. Many years later people started to make coloured windows for churches that showed pictures telling the story of the Bible. In those days people framed coloured windows by first using lead and then copper, iron and concrete.

At the end of our lesson about how glass was made Ruth T. introduced us to our new companion Hani.

After a short break Lorna’s bell choir practiced for the spring concert
and Ruth T. and Monique took a small group to Granville Island to see how glass is made.

This week in our Friday morning circle we sang Happy Birthday to Jeff.
Then Ruth announced that we are going to have a Japanese tea ceremony on March 28.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after noon we broke into our
eurythmy, painting, art studio, reading, writing and walking groups.
On Friday afternoon Ruth T. took a small group to Loutet farm, another group went swimming and the last group stayed at Circle Hall and did singing.

Off to plant willows at Loutet Farm: we are delighted to be collaborating with them.

Off to plant willows at Loutet Farm:                                                                       we are delighted to be collaborating with them.