This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our three Kings and January songs. After that Ruth read to us this week’s “Calendar of the Soul” verse and then everybody shared their weekends. After that John spoke about the stars. Also, we welcomed a visiting student to the program named Kiki and his aide Cathy.
In our Thursday morning College, Elliott and Simran taught us about the country of Greece. Simran showed us a map of the Mediterranean and told us that Greece is a short distance from Turkey. After that, she told us some very fun facts about Greece. She told us that Ancient Greece started the very first Olympic Games on Mount Olympus. The Greeks prayed to the god Zeus. Later on, Greece formed the very first Democratic government which still exists today. Simran also told us that the Greek language is one of the oldest languages in the world. The most popular Greek dance is called Sirtaki or Zorba’s Dance. After that Elliott’s mother came and taught us how to count to twenty in Greek. After that Elliott did a pretend game show called Greek Quiz.
After a short break we practiced our bell playing. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we got in our eurythmy, swimming, novel, youth group, painting and dancing groups.

Map of Greece