This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our January song and Candlemas song. After that John read to us this week’s ‘ Calendar of the Soul’ verse and then everybody shared their weekends. After that Gundula and Jeff talked about the weather from last week and then John spoke about the stars and then read to us this week’s newsletter.
On Wednesday afternoon, Johanna and Fanny read to us the fairy tale Rumplestiltskin and some of the companions acted out the story.
In our Thursday morning College Liisi and Elliott talked to us about sympathy and empathy. They told us that sympathy is the ability to feel sorry for another person’s problems. Empathy is when you share another person’s emotions or feelings. After that Elliott read to us the story ‘The Sword in the Stone’. During the telling of this story, Aiden, William, Hanieh and Johanna played the characters and the story. Aiden shared with us his connection to King Arthur by telling us about his costume trunk which was filled with King Arthur’s robes, crowns and swords. Then we practiced sword fighting.
In the afternoon, we played games and on Friday afternoon Ashling led us in singing songs from different musicals.

Companions model King Arthur costumes