This week in our Monday morning gathering John read to us this week’s “Calendar of the Soul” verse and then everybody shared their weekend. After that Simran and Jeff spoke about last week’s weather and John talked to us about the stars. Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jeff.
In our Thursday morning College, John, Cedric, Dad and I taught everybody about Italy. To start off, we took a pretend airplane flight to Italy. During our flight, John told us about the ancient history of the Roman Republic, Empire and the birth and death of Jesus. Also, John spoke about the Julian calendar. Then Cedric showed us a slide show of the different places in Italy such as Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Tuscany. Then I told everybody about my Dad’s family immigrating to Canada. Dad and I taught everybody how to count in Italian. After a short break, we practiced bell playing for our Winter Concert in February.
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we got into our clay, walking, reading, writing, eurythmy, swimming, novel, painting, youth group, games and dancing groups. On Friday afternoon, we had a goodbye party for our long time coworker, Gundula. We will miss her wonderful smile and personality. She made making baskets fun. She will be missed by all.

Sam, Anthony, and Cedric presenting about Italy