This week at Circle Hall, from Monday until Friday morning we had Hawaiian Week.
Every morning Laurel’s friend Kellee taught us traditional Hawaiian dancing. She also performed some dances for us. Then she taught us Hawaiian words such as ‘aloha,’ ‘Ekomo mai’ and ‘ahui hou kaou.’ Also Kellee showed us many Hawaiian crafts. We made leis, drew and traced Hawaiian patterns. We made Hawaiian figures like fish, turtles, starfish and snakes out of a mixture of flour, salt and water. Then we worked in groups to colour the different Hawaiian islands.
On Thursday, we played ancient Hawaiian games like Ne gose, tug of war, one stone through two rocks and get to the next island.
Friday morning, we had a Hawaiian party. During the party we danced, played games and ate pineapple on a stick. After the party, we thanked Kellee for teaching us Hawaiian dancing, games and their language.
Also this week our former coworker Toby came to visit us.

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