This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Wes. After that we met Jason’s brother and then we talked about the weather, stars, sports and our weekends. In the afternoon, we gathered into Circle Hall to practice the Saint John’s play.

St. John's 2014 at C-Dar

The St. John’s play 2014. We’re looking forward to performing it again this year at C-Dar.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we broke into our eurythmy, painting, clay, reading, writing and art studio groups. Then Ruth O. introduced everybody to a visitor from Italy named Marcello, who is on his way to work at Glenora Farm.

On Thursday morning we sang our summer and Saint John songs. After that we had a forum meeting about the summer program. We decided which workshops we would like to be in.

On Friday morning, Monique introduced us to Yoko,who will be volunteering here on Fridays.

In the afternoon, one group went swimming and another group did spacial dynamics.