This week in our Monday morning circle, we sang our Whitsun and Saint John songs. After that Ruth T. told us about Whitsun Sunday.

Also Patricia read to us a poem that her friend wrote about Whitsun and told about the bees.

Putting a cap on the sunhive

Putting a cap on the sunhive

Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Wes.
In the afternoon one group went swimming and another group stayed at Circle Hall and practiced for the Saint John play.

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, we broke in to our eurythmy, painting, reading and writing groups.

In our Thursday morning college, Ruth talked to us about the Saint John’s play. She told us about the different character signs and planets. Ruth said that the most important character in the play is Saint John because he is represents the real, true human being. Then some of the companions came up to the front and drew the character signs and planets on the chalk board.

After a short break, Lorna’s bell choir started to practice the bell playing for our fairy tale ‘Mother Holle’. In the afternoon, we practiced our Saint John’s play.

On Friday morning, after we welcomed back Barbara from Ireland, she told us about her trip. In the afternoon, we practiced our Saint John’s play.