From Monday until Wednesday our day program was closed because of I.S.P. Meetings. In our Thursday morning college, we sang our Parzival song and then we looked at the characters from the fifth scene. Deepak told us about King Clamide, who wasn’t a very nice king, and then we heard of Condwiramurs from Simran.  After that David spoke about the fisher king also known as Anfortas and lastly Marie-Reine told us about Repanse De Schoye also known as the Grail Queen.

During this lesson some of the companions dressed up in maiden costumes and another dressed into a Parzival costume.  Lina drew a picture of the fifth scene on the blackboard.  After a short break, we practiced our Saint John’s play.  In the afternoon we prepared food for Oppenheimer Park.

On Friday afternoon we played games and danced.