This week Marianne, Jeff and William opened our Monday morning circle by playing soft music. After that Ruth T. talked to us about our goals.

Also John showed us the pottery cups that his clay group made.
Then everybody told us about their Father’s Day weekend.
In the afternoon we all gathered in Circle Hall to practice our Saint John’s play.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning everybody worked in his or her workshop.

This week in our Thursday morning college Ruth T. led us in a conversation about our social goals and we looked at everybody’s goals.

After a short break we tried on our costumes and practiced our lines for the Saint John’s play. In the afternoon we practiced our full play. Then we said good bye to our co-worker Forrest who will be looking after his new baby boy.

In the afternoons we broke into our eurythmy, clay, painting, art studio, reading, writing, singing and swimming groups.