This week in our Monday morning gathering, we practiced our Saint John songs and lines. After that we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lorna and then we talked about the weather, stars, sports and our weekends.

On Monday and Tuesday morning we worked in our workshops and in the afternoon, we practiced our Saint John play.

On Wednesday morning, we drove to C-Dar Farm for our eleven o’clock performance of the Saint John play. Stephen C. played the part of Saint John. After our performance, we had lunch outside in the meadow and later returned to Cascadia.

Everyone is ready to perform: A beautiful St. John's Day at Glenora Farm

Everyone is ready to perform: A beautiful St. John’s Day at C-Dar Farm

On Thursday morning we sang our summer songs. Then Ruth O. talked to us about the four archangels and also about the crystals in the earth.
After that we broke into two groups. One group painted the crystals from the earth and the second group painted a picture of the summer archangel. After a short break Lorna’s bell choir practiced the songs for this year’s fairy tale. In the afternoon, one group did singing, and another group picked raspberries and blueberries.

On Friday afternoon, one group went swimming and another group practiced for the circus performance which we will present in July.