This week in our Monday morning circle, Julia told us about her time with her mother, aunt and friend who visited from Germany. Then every body told us about their weekend.

In the afternoon we practiced for our Saint John’s play.

On Tuesday and Friday morning some of the companions worked in their workshops.

During lunchtime on Tuesday we celebrated Aiden’s birthday by singing Happy Birthday and enjoying his carrot cake dipped in yogurt and fruit.

On Wednesday morning the cooking group made ginger cookies.

This week in our Thursday morning college Patricia told us about Captain James Cook because they had visited a town called Captain Cook in Hawai’i and they saw Captain Cook’s monument there. We learned that Cook was born in England in 1728. He was a very important explorer. He grew up as a poor boy. After attending school he worked with his father on a farm and then in a shop. After a few years, he learned to be a sailor, and worked on a coal ship travelling to many ports. He was asked to find land in the South Pacific. He became the first European to discover New Zealand and Australia. In 1778 he found the Hawaii Islands. He was welcomed as a god and then a year later he was killed during a fight.

After our lesson about James Cook, Ruth T. told us about the volcano Goddess Pele. There is a belief in Hawai’i that Pele has the power to bring misfortune to anyone who takes rocks or sand from her.

After a short break we practiced for our bell concert.

On Friday morning the Cascadia bell choir performed at Evergreen House.
During lunch, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Wes and had chocolate cake.

In the afternoons we broke in to our eurythmy, clay, painting, reading writing, play, singing and swimming groups.