End of year presentation of Marie-Reine's eurythmy class

End of year presentation of Marie-Reine’s eurythmy class

This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our June and Saint John’s Play songs. We also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Aiden and Toni. After that Megan read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. In Deepak’s feature of ‘Today in History’ he told us that in 1783 the first public hot air balloon took off from England for a ten minute flight.  Deepak also told us that in 1896 Henry Ford took his first car for a drive through the streets of Detroit. In 1942 Capital records opened for business and last but not least in 1964 the rock band, the Beatles went on their very first world tour starting in Denmark. After Deepak’s feature, everybody shared their weekends.   Gundula and Raymond talked about last week’s weather and then John, Jeff, Susan and Aiden spoke about the stars.  In the afternoon, we gathered into Circle Hall and practiced our Saint John’s play.

On Tuesday afternoon, we gathered into Circle Hall for a Forum meeting about the summer program.  Monique told us that this year’s theme will be ‘Metamorphosis’.  Then Monique asked everybody what workshop they would like to be in. Some said fibre arts, others said clay and garden. We decided that in the afternoon we would do form drawing, story time and music.

On Wednesday afternoon we gathered into our eurythmy and painting groups. In our last Thursday morning College for the year, Patricia talked to us about rhythms in speech. To start off Patricia talked about how the human body breathes. She told us that we breathe in and out from our lungs. Our heart also has a breathing rhythm.  In this case when we run fast our heart beats faster and we pant like a dog. Poetry also has rhythm. Patricia recited to us a couple of poems.  We had to figure out whether the rhythm was short, long or long, short. While this was happening, Ruth T. walked the rhythms.  Then Patricia read to us a rap called ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ by a hiphop group called ‘Blackalicious’.   After a short break, the Wednesday eurythmy group presented their exercises.  Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Wes and we said good bye to Evan who will be moving to White Rock.

On Friday afternoon, we sang with Jim.