Ashling and Susan on piano

Ashling and Thomas on drums


This week in our Monday morning gathering we sang our March songs and then Ruth T read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Verse.’ After that everybody shared their weekends and then Simran and Scott looked back at last week’s weather and John spoke about the stars.

On Wednesday afternoon, everybody gathered into Circle Hall to play games. In our Thursday morning College, Ashling taught us about sympathy and antipathy in music. Ashling told us that she comes from southern Ireland where there is a lot of music being played. When Ashling was four years old her sister and grandmother introduced her to music. She started to play the violin. Many years later she studied music in university.

Then Ashling wrote on the black board  A,B,C,D,E,F. These are the musical notes that we use in music.  Then she wrote on the board every second letter of the alphabet ‘A C E’. These are the chords that we play on the bells. After that Ashling played on her lap top three songs from different types of music – Irish, Frozen and Harry Potter. While this was happening we had to identify the sympathy and the antipathy in the music. We discovered that when the music was very loud, we could hear antipathy , but when the music was quiet, we could hear the sympathy in the music. After that some companions played the piano, xylophone and drums. We had to identify whether there was sympathy or antipathy in the music that was being played. On Friday afternoon we did Irish singing and dancing