Anthony’s Blog March 17, 2017
This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our March, Saint Patrick and the Holy Week songs. After that some of the companions shared their weekends and then Ruth T. read to us this week’s ‘Soul Calendar Verse.’ Then John talked to us about the stars and we talked about the weather. We welcomed our new coworker Cary, who is from the Philippines.
In our Thursday morning college, John taught us about seeds. We learned that seeds come from different kinds of fruits such as apples, pears and watermelons. We also learned that there are different things that seeds need to start growing. John told us that all seeds need earth, water and warmth to grow. After John’s talk about seeds then Ruth showed us sunflower seeds and samples of other seeds. Then Megan told us the story of the Spring Rabbits. After a short break we gathered into Circle Hall to sort seeds.
On Friday morning, a small group of companions and coworkers went to Oppenheimer Park to hand out soup and sandwiches.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon, we broke into our eurythmy, painting, reading, writing, cooking, games and dancing groups. Also Lina’s friends visited us.

Here's part of our Oppenheimer park crew

Here’s part of our Oppenheimer park crew