This week in our Monday morning circle, Patricia announced that our music therapist, Marianne is going to retire and will have some time to relax and travel with her husband. Marianne has been teaching us to play the psalter, chrotta, cello and bells. We will miss her.

Marianne playing chrottas with Stephen and Jeff

Marianne playing chrottas and lyre with Stephen and Jeff

After that Fred announced that over the weekend, he won third place in Super G skiing. Aiden told us that his basketball team won second place.
In the afternoon, we gathered in to Circle Hall where Jane taught us the waltz and tango.

On Wednesday after noon, Gundula, Ilay, Jun, Bridget, Angela, Jeff, Shayan and myself went to the North Vancouver School District Art Gallery.
We saw three types of art works, Native carvings and paintings, children’s school paintings and pictures that were painted by professionals.

In our Thursday morning college, we sang Happy Birthday to John.
Then Mary and Ilay told us their life stories.
After a short break, one group did bowling with Gundula and Daniel while another group gathered in to Circle Hall for a Health and Safety meeting.

In our Friday morning circle, Ruth T. introduced us to a couple of her friends who are very interested in our community.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon, we broke in to our eurythmic, painting, reading, writing, novel and singing groups.