This week in our Monday morning circle, William was the master of ceremony. Bogdan told us a story about the bees and everybody spoke about his or her weekend.

In the afternoon, we all gathered in Circle Hall and Nada taught us European folk dancing.

On Tuesday and Friday morning everybody worked in his or her workshops.
On Wednesday morning some of our coworkers and companions made potato soup, which we ate for lunch.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Nicolai and I taught everyone about Chopin. Chopin was born on March 1, 1810 in Poland. At a very young age he started to play the piano. He gave his very first performance at the age of 8. He then studied music and composed small pieces of music scores. At the age of fifteen he performed for Alexander, the ruler of Russia. He gave Chopin a ring as a thank you gift. When he was nineteen he left Warsaw and traveled to Vienna where he became one of the world’s most famous piano player.

After a short break we practiced playing the bells.

In the afternoon, we broke into different activities, eurythmy, clay, painting reading, writing, singing and swimming.