This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our May songs and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Melina. After that Gundula read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. Then everybody shared their weekend. After that Gundula and Jeff spoke about last week’s weather and John told us about the stars. After a short break, we gathered into Circle Hall for a Forum meeting about the summer program. Then we went to work in the garden at Kaspar House.
On Tuesday morning, the students from Saint Edmund’s came to learn Maypole dancing. In the afternoon, we practiced for our ‘Green Man’ performance.
In our Thursday morning college, Liisi and Eliott gave us an introduction about imagination. Elliott read to us the definition of imagination. “Imagination is the ability to produce and simulate, people and ideas in the mind without any immediate input of the senses.” Elliott led us in an imagination exercise. First, take three deep breaths, second close your eyes and third focus on the dark space in front of you. Then Liisi read a story about a youth who was very unhappy. Then we had to make up our own endings. Then Elliott played for us four sounds and we had to imagine when, what and where they came from. Then Elliott drew six shapes on the black board and we had to imagine what they would turn out to be.
Friday afternoon we did singing with Ashling.

Marijke and Anna planting flax seeds.

Wheelbarrows at the ready as the warmer weather begins!