This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our May songs and then Gundula read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse and then everybody shared their weekends. After that Ruth T. spoke to us about the stars and then Gundula and Scott spoke about last week’s weather.
In our Thursday morning college, Daniel spoke to us about imagination in poetry. He read a poem by Stephen C. and then Florian read to us a poem called ‘This World’ by Mary Oliver. After that Daniel told us about the famous boxer Mohammed Ali who wrote a poem called ‘Me We’. Then we broke into three different groups. One group prepared music, another group prepared a skit, and the third group prepared a drawing of the poem. After that we gathered into Circle Hall and shared what every group prepared. The last group did a skit that involved everybody. Then Stephen C. read to us another poem that he wrote called ‘Me We’. During our lunch time , we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jim. In the afternoon we did singing with Aishling.
On Friday afternoon, we gathered into Circle Hall to watch a play called ‘Big Sage and Little Sage’ which was performed by the Waldorf Grade two class.

Finding the ME and the WE in music