his week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our Whitsun songs and then Toni read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. Then everybody shared their weekend. In Deepak’s feature of ‘Today in History’, he told us that in l936, the very first passenger flight carried 21 people. In 1986, the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation investigated, published and confirmed the authenticity of the manuscripts written by Anne Frank. Last but not least, in 1991 the largest burrito was made weighing 1,126 kg. After listening to Deepak’s feature, Gundula and Raymond talked about last week’s weather and Ruth T spoke to us about the stars. Then the Cascadia choir sang to us ‘Now is the Month of May’. In the afternoon, we gathered on the mosaic and did maypole dancing.
On Tuesday morning, we gathered into our Whitsun groups to do trust exercises. Then at 11:30 the students from Saint Edmunds did maypole dancing with the coworkers while we watched.
On Wednesday afternoon, we gathered into our eurythmy, bee walking and painting groups.
In our Thursday morning college, we gathered into Circle Hall to share what each Whitsun group did. The first group showed their drawing on the blackboard and then they presented two trust exercises. In the second group Lukas drew a picture of a house and described it to Stephen who had to draw the same picture of the house on the blackboard without looking at the picture. After that they showed us a trust exercise where one person would be blind folded and two people would lead him/her to sit on a chair. Then we did a rhythm clapping exercise. When someone changed the rhythm everybody had to follow. In the afternoon we gathered into our youth group, reading, writing, clay and cooking groups.
On Friday afternoon, we sang with Jim.

:Now is the month of May" the season for maypole dancing!

:Now is the month of May” the season for maypole dancing!

Pole pattern

Beautiful weaving of colours!