This week in our Monday morning gathering Liisi read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul Verse’. After that Leslie shared with us a thank you note from our friend Takashi who thanked us for the ‘get well’ cards and then everybody shared their weekends. Gundula and Raymond looked back at last week’s weather and then John spoke to us about the stars. After a short break, we gathered into Circle Hall and had a Forum meeting about the next couple of Colleges. We decided to study the theme of imagination in poetry, stories, art and fairy tales. In the afternoon we practiced for our fairy tale.
On Tuesday afternoon, we went for a walk and on Wednesday afternoon, we played games.
Thursday morning a group of companions, coworkers and guests from Glenora farm gathered into Circle Hall to listen to a lecture by Dr. MariavVan den Berg. She spoke first about our travels from planet earth to the heavens.
On Friday morning the embryology group gathered back into Circle Hall for the second part of the lecture. This time Dr. Maria van den Berg spoke to us about the baby developments within the body. After that everybody continued with their clay creation of the embryo. In the afternoon, we practiced for ‘The Donkey’ fairy tale.
May 5, 2019
On Saturday night our family, friends and guests from the medical conference came to the North Vancouver Waldorf school to watch the fairy tale, ’The Donkey.’ To start off Jason welcomed everybody to an evening of artistic activities and then Annette and the audience sang a song about the Notre Dame Cathedral. Then Marie-Reine and Bride performed the Easter verse in eurythmy while Jason read it. After that the companions and coworkers performed ‘The Donkey’ fairy tale.

A depiction on a cathedral in France of a donkey playing a lyre.