This week in our Monday morning circle, we were introduced to Kelly and Rob, Laurel’s friends from Oregon.  Also everybody told us about his or her weekend.

In the afternoon, we gathered in to Circle Hall and practiced the last two scenes of Parsifal.  Ruth had an idea that we might perform the Parsifal play on March 25, 2016 in honor of  Karl Koenig, the founder of Camphill.

Types of Clouds (from website)

Types of Clouds (from website)

In our Thursday morning college, the coworkers showed us the calendar of the soul, which is represented by the five-pointed star.

This presentation was followed by three talks about the different cloud formations.

To start off, Jane talked to us about the sheet or stratus clouds, which are normally seen in the summer time and are soft and gentle.

After that Gundula talked to us about the Cirrus cloud.  We learned that it is the highest cloud in the sky and it contains water droplets.

In the last talk, John talked to us about the Cumulus clouds. This cloud brings thunder and lightning.   During John’s talk a couple of companions came up and demonstrated what happens when a cumulus cloud forms thunder and lightning.  After that, Lorna read to us Joni Mitchell’s song called ‘Both Sides Now’.

After a short break Lorna’s choir practiced their bell playing.

Then we were introduced to our former coworker Ronja’s  mother and brother.

In the afternoon, one group played games and another did eurythmy and then we went out on the mosaic and celebrated Ascension by throwing   balloons in to the air and watching them ascend in to the clouds.

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon , we broke in to our eurythmy, clay, painting, reading and writing groups.

On Friday afternoon, one group went swimming and another group prepared for  ‘Art in the Garden’ at Kaspar House.