This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang ‘Now is the month of May’ and our Ascension song.  Then Gundula read to us this week’s  ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. After that everybody shared their weekend and then Gundula and Scott talked about last week’s weather and John spoke about the stars.  Daniel said that he has been working at Cascadia for the past eighteen years.  Although he enjoyed his time at Cascadia, he announced that he was going to retire and that this was his last week.

On Tuesday afternoon, we practiced for our ‘Green Man’ performance and on Wednesday afternoon, we went for a walk.

In our Thursday morning college, we sang ‘I Give You My Peace’ and our Ascension song. After that we did a eurythmy verse and then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Eleanor. After a short break we went on our Ascension trip to Cleveland Dam. During our visit we saw the water fall, had a picnic in the park and played ball games.  We had a great day.

Friday morning we gathered into Circle Hall and sang for the last time our May songs and for the first time our Whitsun song. After that we gathered into four groups and talked about the meaning of ‘To wonder at beauty.’ In the afternoon we did singing with Ashling.

We wish Daniel all the best for his retirement – he has been such a great support to all our companions and everything we do at Cascadia.