This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our May and Ascension songs. After that Barbara read to us this week’s Calendar of the Soul Verse. Then we talked about the weather, stars, sports and our weekends. In the afternoon, we gathered on the mosaic and did Maypole dancing and Morris dancing.
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, we broke in to our eurythmy, painting, reading, writing, clay art studio and singing groups.
In our Thursday morning College, Gundula and Golnaz taught us about Ancient Persia. We learned how growing grain and breeding animals like wild horses were very important in Persian culture. We also learned about two very important figures in Ancient Persia, the god Ahura Mazdao and Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra), the founder of the Zoroastrian religion. The Persian people sowed grain and bred horses. After that Patricia spoke to us in their Ancient Persian language.Gundula read a poem from that time:

Bear the Sun to the Earth!

You oh man are set between Light and Darkness.

Be a warrior of the Light!

Love the Earth!

Into a radiant diamond

Transform the plants,

Transform the animals,

Transform your own self.

The Persians began to cultivate grain and fruits, to work with Agriculture

The Persians began to cultivate grain and fruits, to work with Agriculture

Persia college web pic

A picture showing how the Persians were aware of the duality between light and darkness

After a short break, Lorna’s bell choir practiced their bell playing.
In our Friday morning gathering, we welcomed guests from Glenora farm.
In the afternoon, one group went swimming and another group did spacial dynamics and Maypole dancing on the mosaic.