This week in our Monday morning circle Ruth T, Barbara and Marianne played some classical music on their lyres.

Also Ruth T taught the coworkers and companions how to carve a pumpkin. After that everybody came up and told us about their weekend.
In the afternoon we broke into three groups. Two groups carved pumpkins and the third group started to build the tunnel for our Halloween party.

Monday evening we had a small pumpkin carving get together at the centre.
We sang songs and recited poems.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning we set up the back yard for our Halloween party. We decorated Cascadia house by putting orange, blue, white and red paper on all of the windows. We also cut out the figures of the four elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
In the afternoons we practiced eurythmy for our fairy tale.

Thursday evening, our friends, families and neighbours came to our annual Halloween party. To start off Jeff, our master of ceremonies welcomed everybody as they walked through the dark tunnel. After that everybody could take part in the different activities in the four tents that held the four elements. In the earth tent they could hit two rocks together and in the air tent they could throw leaves up in the air. They could listen to the water stick in the water tent and they could roast bread in the fire tent. Ruth T. recited a few poems with the children who came to our celebration and then they got popcorn to take home with them.

Anthony and the good witch Martha

Anthony and the good witch Martha

Hallowe'en gnomes

Hallowe’en gnomes

Water spirit

Water Spirit

On Friday morning, we had a small celebration for All Soul’s day. We lit candles for those who passed away.
Then Lorna’s bell choir rehearsed for the fairy tale and the clay and garden group cleaned up the Halloween decorations in the back yard.