Anthony’s Blog November 1, 2019
Our Halloween week
This week at Circle Hall and Cascadia, we prepared for our Halloween celebration. We
carved fifty pumpkins, turned the basket workshop into the fairy tale of Mother Holle.
Also, the home skills group turned the top floor into a gingerbread house for the Hansel
and Gretel fairy tale. On the outside of Cascadia, the garden and clay workshop built a
tunnel and mountains for the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs fairy tale.
On Thursday evening our family and friends came to our ‘Once Upon a Time’ Halloween
party. Jeff welcomed everybody saying “Who is the fairest of them all” as they walked
through the well-lit tunnel and lights holding a mirror made out of willows. Then the
guests visited Mother Holle in the basket workshop. The guests jumped into a
well and then ended up in a green meadow. While everybody was visiting Mother Holle, she gave out blessings that were written on paper
snowflakes. Then she sent the guests outside to roast bread on a stick. On the first floor
of Cascadia, guests visited the gingerbread house that was made by the Home Skills
group and then the guests got to colour witches and decorate their own cardboard gingerbread house. Outside on the mosaic, guests got to sail candle boats down a river, some of them to remember their loved ones.

We celebrated the 4 seasons in fairytales

Children captivated by the lights

On Friday morning, we gathered into Circle Hall and celebrated ‘All Soul’s Day’. During
our celebration, each person came up and lit a candle for a loved one who had passed away, or someone
who is in the hospital, or a missing indigenous person. In the afternoon the grade fours
and eights came to Circle Hall to practice for the fairy tale.