On Monday evening everybody came to our Saint Martin’s celebration that was held on the mosaic. To start off our celebration we sang songs to Saint Martin and then we saw him ride up through the alley on his black horse and we watched him give away half of his cloak to a beggar. After that we carried lanterns and sang songs to Saint Martin as we walked through the alley to Kasper House to Saint Martin’s Creek and then to Sophia House.

At Sophia House, Abegael told us the story of Saint Martin.
She told us that Saint Martin was a Roman soldier who fought in many battles. One day he spotted a beggar sitting in the cold with a fire going. He was only wearing rags as clothing, so Saint Martin cut one half of his clock and gave it to the beggar. For his kindness, he became known as Saint Martin.

Stained glass of St. Martin and the Beggar

Stained glass of St. Martin and the Beggar

After that we all stood up and did a Hallelujah in eurythmy. Then we sang more songs and ate cookies and drank sweet apple cider.

This week in our Tuesday morning circle the co-workers practiced bell playing for our fairy tale. After that, we sang our Saint Martin songs and then some companions came up and shared their weekend.

In our Thursday morning college Ruth O. introduced us to our new co-worker Lynn who is from Scotland and who has worked in many different Camphills.
After that Ruth O. taught us about the cedar tree. We learned that the cedar tree is connected to the planet Saturn . We also learned that the cedar tree is very poisonous. The Native people use the bark of the tree for clothing, hats and canoes. They also used the roots of the tree for weaving baskets.
After a short break Lorna’s bell choir practiced bell playing for the fairy tale.
On Tuesday and Friday afternoon we all gathered in to Circle Hall and practiced our eurythmy for our fairy tale.