This week in our Tuesday morning gathering, we sang our Saint Martin songs and then
Mary read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. Then everybody shared their
weekends and then we talked about the weather and stars. After that Patricia
announced that Fred, our long-time companion won’t be coming back to Cascadia. We’ll
miss you, Fred.

We look forward to visiting you at Evergreen Fred…. All the best!

In our Thursday morning college, we learned about handwashing. To start off Simran
asked everybody, “ how do we stay healthy?” Some of the companions answered, drink
lots of water and wash your hands. Simran told us that we have to wash our hands for
two minutes and sing Happy Birthday twice. She also told us that when we wash our
hands, we should also wash our fingernails and the tops of our hands. After that, we
went to the sinks and practiced this procedure.
Then we had a conversation about what we are going to learn about leading up to
Christmas. We decided to learn about hope, peace, love, and joy. After a short break, we
practiced our bell playing.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon we gathered in our Green Man, novel, painting youth and walking groups. On Friday afternoon we practiced our fairy tale.